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Cantilever Gates

Standard Features

Bespoke cantilever gates can provide an excellent solution for controlling access to your property while providing a range of other benefits. Our bespoke built cantilever access control gate is a totally green energy product, designed to glide effortlessly across entrance ways from 3 meters up to 16 meters.

Suitable for commercial or industrial application and farm access roads the cantilever gates are ideal for security traffic control and where road surfaces are broken and uneven. Requiring no track across the entrance allows installation to be quick and simple. Two concrete base pads pre cast to the sides of the entrance allows installation to be carried out in just a few hours. Our gates are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting.

Mains power or solar power, the choice is yours. The smooth operation of our unique hydraulic drive system and intelligent electronics are a key part of our time proven access barriers. These gates can also be designed to match the aesthetics of your farm or estate, providing a cohesive and attractive appearance.

Standard features include:

  • Key fob activation (40 users available), supplied with 5 fobs.
  • GSM telephone activation (1000 users available) sim card not provided.
  • Keypad activation (250 user numbers available).
  • Manual override system.
  • Wind generator and PV charging system.
  • Dual open / close safety beams.
  • Compliant with HSE BS/EN. 12445-2001.
  • All units are zinc-based primer with 2 pack acrylic top coat paint (your choice of colour).
  • 2 off 80amp hour gel batteries.
  • 24-hour day 7 day programmable timer.

Optional Extras

The following options are available as part of an enhanced specification:

  • Red and green advisory traffic lights.

Bespoke Build

The design and specification of our cantilever access control gates is bespoke to meet your exact requirements. Having undertaken an on-site consultation we will submit a fully costed proposal for your approval.

On approval of the proposal the build process takes between six and eight weeks. A recommended maintenance schedule will be included and discussed with you on delivery of your unit(s).

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.


Our cantilever access control gates have been deliberately designed to keep maintenance to a minimum. We recommend a yearly service.


Controlling Gates and Barriers with Your Mobile Phone: Important Information as 2G and 3G Networks Phase Out

Changes in the UK
mobile networks

In the coming years, the 2G and 3G mobile networks will gradually be switched off, requiring an upgrade for your gate and barrier controls to 4G or 5G in order to continue using your mobile phone for control.


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