Controlling Gates and Barriers with Your Mobile Phone: Important Information as 2G and 3G Networks Phase Out

Changes in the UK mobile networks

In the coming years, the 2G and 3G mobile networks will gradually be switched off, requiring an upgrade for your gate and barrier controls to 4G or 5G in order to continue using your mobile phone for control.

To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend reading the advice provided by Ofcom, which can be found at this link:

Unlike the older and less efficient 2G and 3G networks, the newer 4G and 5G networks offer increased reliability and faster connectivity. Therefore, older gate and barrier installations will need their network cards updated. At TMMF, we are already assisting customers with these updates, providing a cost-effective and efficient service to upgrade your gates and barriers.

Please note that this change will only impact you if you currently use mobile phones to control your access barriers and gates. Considering the convenience and ease of mobile control, we anticipate that many customers will opt for an upgrade.

TMMF upgrade service

We offer a comprehensive service to ensure your gates and barriers remain in optimal working condition. Our technicians will install and set up mobile phone control for you gates and barriers.

Stay ahead of the network evolution and continue to enjoy seamless control of your gates and barriers using your mobile phone. Contact us today to schedule your upgrade.

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