Bespoke Design

We have worked on many bespoke and one-off designs during the history of the company. All bespoke work starts with a consultation, either on site with you or at our premises in Littleport. Having discussed your requirements and confirmed the specification a fully costed proposal will be developed and sent to you for approval prior to the commencement of any work.

Examples of previous work:

Horse Box Awning

Our client required a light-weight, quick and easy to assemble form of shelter for her horses whilst eventing. We designed a system which attached directly to the horse box which was light enough to be assembled by a stable hand and which collapsed into itself.

Helicopter Towing Frame

Our client needed a space-efficient towing frame for moving helicopters around a busy aircraft hanger. We designed an A-frame tow to cradle the helicopter during transportation. The frame was designed for a tug to be able to tow the helicopter safely and efficiently.

Bespoke Container Shelving

Our client, a local council, had issues with theft and were losing around £30,000 a month in equipment from one of their sites. To counteract this they purchased a container to use as a secure storage unit. TMMF were commissioned to fit the container with a bespoke storage system.

custom horse box
custom horse box
custom horse box
custom horse box

Agricultural Repairs

Our team are experienced in the repair and manufacture of a wide variety of agricultural machinery, from grain buckets to fully automated crop handling systems, such as onion toppers etc. We also regularly supply and fit replacement bucket blades, hard facing for land wearing parts (e.g. cultivator legs etc), drive shafts, axel springs and towing eyes etc.

We understand that during the harvest season and other peak times speed and reliability of service is paramount, we therefore offer an in-the-field repair service when required, in addition to undertaking standard repairs and bespoke fabrication in our workshop.

agricultural repairs

Walk in Steel

We hold a vast selection of sheet metal and steel profiles.

Our workshop services include, but are not limited to:

Steel cut to size.
Shot blasting / painting
CNC Plasma cutting
Sheet metal folding – up to 6mm
Small plate folding – up to 15mm

Please feel free to contact us to enquire about specific stock availability. If necessary we can generally order stock in within 24 hours.



In addition to our popular Field Sports Trailers we have also produced the following:

  • Welfare units – for use within country parks and at agricultural and country shows.
    • Multi-purpose able/disabled people carriers, this trailer can be made to virtually any size you require.
    • Fully folding seats allow for four plus wheelchairs or 12 plus people.
    • Touch button hydraulic lift access for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
  • Keepers Trailer – to assist game keepers with everyday duties.
    • Available with complement sides.
    • Internal upper headboard is racked out for game, the lower section is divided from the inside of the unit with access doors on both front corners for additional storage of game or the transportation of dogs.
  • Demount Trailer – easy demount addition that can be fitted retrospectively to all units.
    • Consists of four extendable legs, ratchet and retaining straps.
    • By using the trailer front jockey wheel as the jack the body can be easily demounted in minutes, removing the need for a forklift to aid demount.
    • Developed to enable daily use of the trailer for general purpose use, this system also allows the user to have a variation of demountable bodies (eg: people carrier, beaters trailer, car transporter cover, guns trailer, field workers rest rooms etc).
  • Vegetable pickers – for the transportation of farm workers to and from the fields.
  • Vehicle transportation trailers.
  • Event broadcasting trailers.

All trailer base units conform to European highway standards and have a 3500kg gross carrying capacity, without body attachment. Coupled with full roll cage construction and fully loaded with seats and accessories, the unit is able to carry an average of 20 people weighing a total of 100kg, giving a total pay load of 3500kg.

Sheeting materials conform to BS5438/BS7837 and M2/DIN4102-B1. Seat belts conform to GB 2 point static regulations E3 48359.

All our trailers have a lead time of approximately six weeks although this may vary during seasons and is dependant on the order. A deposit is taken at the point of order with the balance payable on collection/delivery.

Our trailers are built to extremely high quality standard specifications and there is always the possibility to tailor your trailer to your exact requirements should you wish. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to explore the options further.

bespoke trailers
trailers for agriculture and field sports
trailers for agriculture and field sports