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Shooting and Beater Trailers

TMMF bespoke shoot trailers can offer several benefits for participants and shoot organisers to transport shooters, beaters and their dogs to and from different locations within the shooting area. A shoot trailer can significantly improve the efficiency of the shoot by reducing the time and effort required for moving people, equipment, and game.

The trailer can be used to transport game efficiently and carry necessary equipment and supplies for the shoot, such as firearms, ammunition, refreshments, first aid kits, and any other essential items. Don’t forget that the trailer can serve as a mobile shelter for participants, providing a place to take cover, warm up, or rest between shooting sessions.

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Shoot Trailers Standard Features

Using a custom-made trailer for your shoot can provide a range of benefits that enhance the overall experience for you and your guests. Our Field Sports Trailers have a number of standard features all of which have been carefully thought through to ensure your shoot trailer is as practical and comfortable as possible. Standard features include:

  • Four opening velcro windows fixed via turn buckles and a roll up window over the entrance door.
  • Padded seat and back rests.
  • Internal free standing table mounted on the rear of the door.
  • Two internal half-length overhead racks.
  • Truck to trailer communication horn.
  • Spare wheel assembly (jack and wheel brace not included).
  • Ifor Williams flatbed trailer chassis – 3500kg gross
  • Litter bag.

In addition to the above, all our guns trailers have a gun storage area and ally chequer walk way anti slip flooring as standard.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a custom-made trailer can benefit your shoot, contact us today to discuss your options.

Safety Features

All trailer base units conform to European highway standards and have a 3500kg gross carrying capacity, without body attachment. Coupled with full roll cage construction and fully loaded with seats and accessories, the unit is able to carry an average of 20 people weighing a total of 100kg, giving a total pay load of 3500kg. Sheeting materials conform to BS5438/BS7837 and M2/DIN4102-B1. Seat belts conform to GB 2 point static regulations E3 48359.

We also include a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, demount jack legs and a galvanised step and hand rail as standard features. The rear door is also produced to a very high safety specification being impact resistant with an open lock bar.

We also produce a number of other Trailer types, please see Other Services for full details.

Optional Extras

We can incorporate a number of optional extras within the design and build of your Field Sports Trailer, including:

  • Front bench seat complete with under seat storage cupboards.
  • Side under seat storage cupboards.
  • Drinks cupboard.
  • Lap seat belts (required if carrying children).
  • Coat and gun slip hooks.
  • Set of five floatation Agri wheels (axle lifter ground clearance kit also required with this option).
  • Tractor pin hitch (30mm).

Bespoke Build

We are pleased to also offer a fully bespoke design and build service for your Field Sports Trailer should this be required.

Any design and build of this nature requires meticulous planning to ensure all requirements are taken into account. At TMMF we will meet with you to discuss the specific modifications and additions required for your unique situation before submitting a proposal, along with costs, for your approval. On approval of the proposal and on receipt of a deposit, our team will being the build. We generally expect bespoke builds to take between four and six weeks to complete.

On delivery/collection of your new trailer you will be guided through an orientation session to ensure you are fully aware of the functionality and location of all features. We will also advise on any specific maintenance requirements during the orientation to ensure you leave fully prepared to make the most of your new trailer.

Spare Parts

Any spares required can be ordered via our workshop or alternatively will be readily available from your local Indespension branch or dealership.

Replacement seating can also be supplied if the need arises.

field sports trailer

“We have been using a TMMF shoot trailer at Baronscourt Estate for the last four years. All our guests and clients have been delighted with the trailer, as it provides comfort, space and having all the guns together creates the perfect ambience for banter and leg pulling!”

Lord Hamilton

Abercorn Estates