Shoot Trailers – Pricing

Shoot Trailer Versions

Our Field Sports trailers are available in two basic configurations, one for transporting the guns and the other for beaters. Three sizes of each allow you to pick the one with a capacity to suit your shoot. Scroll down for our range of optional extras.


Describe the features of the Guns trailer

Size People Price
12ft x 6ft 6” 10-12 £11750
14ft x 6ft 6” 12-14 £11865
16ft x 6ft 6” 16-20 £12125
shoot trailer for field sports


Describe the features of the Beaters trailer

Size People Price
12ft x 6ft 6” 12-16 £10410
14ft x 6ft 6” 16-20 £11575
16ft x 6ft 6” 20-25 £11805

Optional Extras

Front bench seat

Includes under seat storage cupboards



Lap seat belts

Required if carrying juniors


£52.00 each

Side Under seat storage cupboards


Demount kit

Allows the body to be removed leaving flat bed trailer (trailer sides and other accessories also available)


Drinks Cupboard



Tractor pin hitch




lunch table

Internally mounted free-standing lunch table – Maxi Chief (included in a guns trailer)



Coat/gun slip hooks


£10.50 each

shoot trailer